Living Word Seeds

My Lord Jesus Christ has been SO good to me! Since meeting Him and committing myself to serve Him in 1984, I have been given a continual flow of blessings and increases. He brought me to Covenant of Life Ministries, Quesnel Campus, where I serve on the Pastoral Care Team with my wife, Diana.

Vic and Diana at a church wedding

My parents came from different religious backgrounds and decided to let us kids “decide for ourselves” about “religion.” I became what I thought was an atheist, simply not caring or wondering about God at all. When he intersected my life supernaturally through my job at the time, the impact was immediate and cataclysmic. I felt hunger and passion for the Word of God stronger than anything I had ever known. It took me a few months to read my first Bible from cover to cover a couple of times, and I have been feasting in His Word ever since.

We began tithing before we went to church. I saw it in the Bible and knew I had to obey the Lord. We were faithful in attending our first church, but they wondered why we never came to the Sunday night service. I was so dumb about the church I didn’t know the evening service was different from the morning service! I have missed few regular services, prayer, or special meetings since.

The Lord has called me to serve as a pastor with a strong teaching emphasis. I have served the Lord’s family as a pastor since 1989 with New Covenant Christian Centre, Creekside Community Church, and Citychurch. I believe the Bible is the Truth, the Word of God, and we are to believe His Word and act on whatever He says. Studying the Word and pursuing the Lord has crowded out most of the hobbies and pursuits I formerly enjoyed. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, just that I have chosen things you cannot see over things you can see.

My “career” has included:

  • Almost twenty years of retail store management.
  • Selling agricultural and industrial equipment.
  • Automotive sales.

The Lord has been faithful to me throughout my working life, protecting me, providing for me, and teaching me how to be a better employee. Through His hand on me (and me being diligent in preparing in response to Him), I am thankful for my current role as a Business Manager for a Ford dealership.

Diana and I have been married for over 45 years and have four children and several grandchildren.